Finance Director Services

Access to experienced finance director support throughout the life of your business can prove invaluable. Many SMEs rarely need the services of a full time finance director and often don’t have the budget when they need it most.

Our cost-effective flexible finance director services provide you with the skills and experience needed to support your business on a part-time or interim basis.

part-time finance director

If you need ongoing support, we can provide you with finance director support at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time finance director. Subject to your business needs and requirements, we can provide you with a part-time finance director from as little as one day a month (sometimes less).

Working with you and your business on an ongoing basis, enables us to really get to know your business and build a strong working relationship with you and your team.

Having a part-time finance director on board, provides business owners with confidence that their finances are in capable hands, enabling them to free up their time to concentrate on growing and developing their business.

Typical services provided by a part-time finance director (dependent on business need) include:

  • Manage and oversee finance team

  • Cash-flow management

  • Attending board or management meetings

  • Commercial awareness coaching and training

  • Improving business and financial performance

  • Company secretarial

  • Budgeting & forecasting

  • Business planning

  • Financial review

interim finance director

If your finance needs are only temporary, an interim finance director might be better suited for your needs. Interim finance directors are often hard to find when you need them most or expensive to hire if you use a recruiter or specialist finance director agency.

Typical services provided by an interim finance director:

  • Review of finance processes and controls

  • Process implementation or improvement

  • Bridging a skills gap

  • Employee cover

  • Preparing to sell your business

  • Raising finance

  • Business planning

  • Strategic business review

  • Financial review

Many of our finance director services can be provided as part of your ongoing part-time support or an interim basis.

If you think a part-time or interim finance director could benefit your business, we’d love the opportunity to find out more about you and discuss your requirements.